Monday, January 25, 2010

Free x box 360 game

This offer is no longer valid!

But for a chance to be the first to play HALO 4 check this out!

Free Games

I'm going to teach you how to get a free x box 360 game. How it works is simple; You sign up at a freebie site (linked below), complete one of their advertisers offers(like sign up for a free trial at netflix) then you refer friends to also complete an offer. The advertisers pay the freebie site for every person (also called a lead) that they get to try their product or service, becasue you and your friends have all completed an offer the freebie site will have been paid enough money (plus some for themselves) to buy you your gift. This is how the freebie sites can afford to send out gifts for free. This may sound like a pyramid scheme but it is not. It is a legitimate form of marketing called referral marketing.

Referral marketing is used by a lot of businesses to attract new clients. Most gyms offer a form of referral marketing, by offering you a free month of membership for every new person you bring to sign up for the gym, this works on the same premises but on a larger scale (the site below will give you a free x box 360 game and some even offer stuff like a Nintendo DS). If you still have your doubts, check out our proof gallery at the bottom of the page, these sites have been around for years and have been proven on CNN, wired and other news groups.

Enough talking, on to the good stuff.

As i said before the system has three main steps;

The first thing you need to do is sign up to the freebie site, you can do this by clicking the image below.

Site down for now

Once you have signed up for the freebie site (you will require to enter your name, address, telephone number and email) you can start looking at the offers. There are a lot of offers to chose from ranging from companies like Blockbuster and Netflix to eBay and book clubs. It shouldn't be any problem finding an offer that interests you.


It's important that you follow a few simple steps to ensure that the freebie site can track you and make sure you get credit for the offer. If you don't follow these steps you might find that you don't get credit for the offer you completed and you will not get your free x box 360 game.

  • Use Internet Explorer: The majority of sites are written to support internet explorer, while you may be able to use firefox or other browsers it’s safer to use IE.

  • Clear your cookies before you start: In Internet Explorer 6 go to Tools >> Internet Options then under “Temporary internet files” select “Delete Cookies”. For Internet Explorer 7 Click on Tools >> Internet Options >> General Then click the "Delete..." button. Under the Cookies heading click Delete cookies.

  • Accept All Cookies: While still in Internet Options click on the Privacy tab and set it to accept all cookies. This will allow the company to track you when completing their offer.

  • Turn off any pop-up or ad blocking software: Alot of sites use pop-ups to place cookies, it is important that you allow these to load otherwise you will not get credit.
Now you are ready to click and complete your offer, yeah offer has its own set of requirements, usually just signing up to try the trial or ordering a test product.

The last step is to refer a friend. They have to complete the first 2 steps for you to get your free x box 360 game, but if they want to also get a game they will have to complete this step and refer one more person.

There are lots of ways to get referals, put your referral link in the signature of your favorite forums (make sure they allow this first) Make fliers and post them on community message boards. Be creative, there are alot of people who would be willing to help you out, you just need to find a way to get in contact with them.


Freebie sites have a very strict no spam policy, if you are found to be posting your link in any place it is not wanted you will be banned and not get your freebie, so make sure it's ok before you post any links.

Here is a clip the G4's The Screen savers about Free ipods

How to get your account closed
If you don't want to get your xbox game and enjoy wasting time do these things;
  • Give false information when signing up
  • Create new email accounts and use a proxy to refer yourself
  • Spam your link everywhere
  • Sign up for the same offer more than once
  • Sign up from a public computer or get someone to sign up from your computer

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